Yapahuwa Rock Fortress

King buwanekabahu was the first king of this fortress and he brought and kept Sri Lanka’s sacred Tooth Relic in here. In 1284 pandavan dynasty of India took the tooth relic and went back to India. In here (Yapahuwa) you can see lot of archaeological ruins and monuments. On the top of the yapahuwa rock have remains of stupa, Bodhi tree enclosure and caves that used by Buddhists monks. Cave has some inscriptions and one cave has a brahmi inscription.
This Yapahuwa rock fortress still popular for yapahuwa’s steep ornamental Staircase. This staircase decorated with various carvings. Lions carvings of this staircase still eye-catching among the visitors.
Yapahuwa rock fortress surrounded by forest.
There is a buddhst temple, built in Kandiyan period. It called yapahuwa Rajamaha Vihara.
Yapahuwa rock fortress located in kurunegala district, north western province in Sri Lanka. You can reach to yapahuwa from Colombo within 4 hours. It is about 143km from Colombo to yapahuwa.